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Journal of the European Group
for Research on Creole Languages (2003-2013)

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The journal publication stopped in 2013, but its content remains accessible in its entirety.


Creolica is the internet-based journal of the European Group for Research on Creole Languages. Creolica publishes articles dealing with creole languages, their linguistic description, history, and origins. Creolica also welcomes contributions concerning language typology, universals, cognitive theory, and the evolution of languages provided they relate to creole languages. Sociolinguistic and anthropological articles dealing with creole-speaking societies, as well as contributions concerned more widely with creole literatures and cultures may also be submitted to the editorial committee provided they are not in conflict with the journal’s general perspective.

Language policy and contributions to the journal

Creolica publishes contributions in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish, written in accordance with the journal’s orthographic and stylistic conventions.

Contributions are of two main kinds: (1) articles, and (2) book reviews and notices. All contributions offered to Creolica must in the first instance be submitted to the editorial committee by e-mail as attachments in Word format, and will be subject to peer review by relevant specialists. All articles should be accompanied by an abstract in one of the four languages other than the one in which the article is written, e.g. an article in Portuguese might be accompanied by an abstract in French or English. It is the journal’s aim to make available on its website reviews of all new books relevant to creole studies within six months of their publication. Where this proves impossible, it is hoped to at least publish book notices of these, summarizing their contents.

All contributions published in Creolica are accompanied by e-mail addresses of their authors, thereby facilitating direct contacts between authors and their readers.

Publishing schedule

Publication is in two stages. As soon as an article, book review or book notice has been fully approved by the editorial committee, it is made available on the internet in non-paginated form and marked “provisional version”. As the date of publication of the next issue of the journal approaches, the words “provisional version” are removed from the articles, book reviews and notices which have been accepted for the next issue. These are then arranged in appropriate order, given continuous pagination, and published on the internet in their final form as PDFs.

This two-stage approach has advantages for both contributors and readers. It gives authors the opportunity to react to any feedback they receive and to make minor changes to their text (subject to the approval of the editorial committee) prior to the publication of their final version. It also provides readers with the opportunity to consult new contributions several months before they are officially published. This is especially useful for book reviews and notices, making them available only a few months after publication of the books themselves. (This contrasts sharply with printed journals in which reviews of new books typically do not appear until two or three years after their publication.)

Preprints and short notes

In addition to articles, book reviews and book notices destined for the journal Creolica, this website also includes materials that will not be published as part of the journal. These are of two main kinds, preprints and short notes.

Preprints are articles or chapters of books which have been accepted for publication elsewhere but which will not appear in print for several months. Authors can submit these to the editorial committee for approval in the same way as articles for Creolica but they will only be placed on the internet if judged to be relevant to the interests of visitors to this website and if written permission to do this is obtained from their eventual publishers. Preprints will be withdrawn from the website as soon as they are published elsewhere.

Short notes of various kinds may also be submitted to the editorial committee. These are typically reports concerning work in progress. These will normally be withdrawn from the website after six months and will in all cases not be published in the journal Creolica. Authors of these are, of course, free to revise and extend their short notes and resubmit them as articles in the normal way.


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